Who we are 

Bonazzi & Boscaini
Fumane di Valpolicella
The Bonazzi and Boscaini company is locaated in Fumane, province of Verona, in the heart of the Valpolicella.
The art of viticulture is a richness that has been handed down for generations. Luigi Bonazzi, which was started in 1935 as a sharecropper to cultivate grapes and produce wine for family use and local, it was only in 1968 that Franco Bonazzi Boscaini marrying Julia began to provide the company with facilities in order to satisfy a wider market. Their passion for producing fine wines as Amarone and Recioto then took a further boost with the entry in the company of children due to a better school that exists in the world, the experience of his grandfather and father are now in run the company.
Giovanni and Luigi Bonazzi now lead the company with land and property to rent in the area of classical Valpolicella and on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. John follows the vineyards care and ensures the quality of the grapes and marketing, Louis follows the winemaking process to protect the authenticity of the product.
The current reality and a manufacturer of high-value wines, and recioto dal'amarone to review, and the Valpolicella. From vineyards located in the foothills, from the land of medium texture, deep and fertile born wines as Amarone and Valpolicella Recioto review. From the vineyards of Lake Garda and Bardolino are born on the claret.